That was a great day because we were having fun our holiday at Nusa Dua beach, exactly in an ilands on that's beach. Thats location's not far from my house (because my house in Nusa Dua too:), we went there by motorcycle, in there we had taking some picture,this :
this is me :)

They are my best friend,Saras and Lya, we have been build our frienship from we were child until now(senior high school). we grow up together, we are like sisters. We often do anything together. playing, learning, laughing,sad, having fun, and anything. so fun do anything together, it's can make me feelling happy in addition to those I love they are so much like I love my family. 
This is Saras, Sintha Ayu Saraswati S. She's not only my best friend, she's my causin too :) physically she's tall and pretty. She's like a model, but she's not. She's funny, friendly, but little spoiled,hahaha.She's humoris. She's active in some organization at school. But sometimes she's lazy too. 

This is Lya, Aprilyani. She's my best friend too. She's a sweet girl, She's an energic girl. She's member of 'Cheers' in my school.  She's like dancing so much. She's so understanding me, all of our (Saras and Me) condition, unhappies, happies ..she's know that. 

That's all about my best friend. I'm lucky girl, because I have them that always understand and beside me when I feel happies or sad.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GIRLS!