I'm still enjoy with my looong holidays. my senior in grade twelve have been in national examination so for grade ten and eleven get their holidays. well finally i get my quality time now. my busy activities has gone now. in this week i really busy to prepared the equipments for wall-news paper competition. i be the leader of team 2 from my school so i have to manage them. but that competition was over, and we haven't known who be the winner of that competition 'cause the announcement of the winner will be announcer on next Saturday. i hope my team be the winner and we can show to our school that our journalism organisation can do it. 

In this post i wear my simple outfits. just pastel top with my Tosca jeans and specially my boots. for the accessories i wear wood-dream catcher necklace and ribbon-flower bracelet . i looked more thin in this photos. but i don't like the part of my thigh . they looked wide and big -_-.

 i feel childish with this pose 
pastel cute cropped top, Tosca jeans trousers, brownie boots, wood-dream catcher necklace, ribbon flower bracelet

I've no more idea to write the description about this post i think now i just get very little inspiration. but i'm happy with this :)

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