Back to 60's

This is the last post that i make today, i feel so sleepy to make this post guys. but I still enjoy it, as a *maybe just I that I call my self* fashion blogger, I must always try to mix and match my new style. and this is it. 60's style. i got this inspiration from my grandma photos *yes,absolutely in 1960* but i still have diffrent style. in this 60's style I wear my new peterpan collar top that i bought from a boutique near my school.hehe. I match that top with my mom's long skirt-pants. why I call it skirt-pants?because i don't now what the name that outfits, I think that is like a skirt but that is not only skirt, that is pants too *loh?-__-* ehm okey and then i call it 'pink cute pants-skirt' *hoho. and about that unique bag, it has a old bag type. my mom give it to me and I do love it.

peterpan collar-top, mom's pink cute pants-skirt, nevada's floral wedges, 60's bag and some accessories


Yeay!this is the second post that i make today!in this new entry i just try to match my mini-plaid dress with a some outfits. do you know i got that blazer from my mom's cupboard, i like to open the contents of my mom's cupboard. my mom have many unique outfits collection. *yes,she like shopping when she was a teenager* . and she always keep her outfits tidy and clean.when i open her cupboard,tadaaaa there are many blazer,skirt,top and many others. but of course in a big size*yes,my mom is quiet fat* haha but she still look stylish and beautiful and i really really love her <3. and in this new cute cute cute entry i match my mini-plaid dress with my mom blazer :D

mini-plaid dress, mom's purple-blazer, black neck-sandals, pharashute's purple-bag, wood-necklace


In this holiday i just stay home, it cause my parent have any job so we can't go out for having a holiday but it's okay because i can go to some beautiful place to see a good viewer or just go hang out with my friends. this holiday is not boring too. i practice marching band in my school as a color guard *bring colorful flag* . i do like it because it can make me happy with a colorful flags on my hand.
beside that activities, i used my spare time for made a new post. but in this post is one of the worst post that i've posted before. the photos are not good, i toke it by my self *yeah i used timer* but i feel little proud to my self because i've try to the best,hehe. 

Black and White : Foggia's dress, croptie's top, mom's blazer, old bag and sandals



Yesterday i with all my beloved friend having our holiday in some beach on Pecatu-Bali, we having fun there and toke some picture, at first we went to Balangan Beach that the pleace who have awesome and beautifull view. we can se the sunset on a hill called Bukit Balangan 

and the second one we went to Blue Point Beach who have a uniqe beach structure and also a great view,but to go to that beach we must through some steep stairs and big cave of coral ,that's so enormous,great and i so so speechless when i stand in that very beautifull beach,it's like a secret heaven place on earth. once again i proud to be BALINESE.




hola bloggers!!! i come back with my new post because now i have holidays,yey!!! two weeks ago i was so so so busy than anything *hoho but it's right loh, i must studied hard to attended in a final exam and i could it goodly but now i'm so concerned because on Friday i get a rapport! i don't know how the result of my rapport that i get later. huh. oh ya, as a blogger i call my self a lazy blogger because i seldom posting a new entry. but i have a reason of that. 
first : to make a new entry it's mean i must take a photo of my new outfits collection and that's so hard to do, why? because i am a shy girl loh, beside that, i have not a still photographer who can photographed my in anytime and anywhere. so i must worked hard to photographed my self. Yes, i used timer to do it. and it so 'ribet'.
second: as a student i am a diligent student,because i have 3 extracurricular on my school. and i always attended it. study is my first priority as a student. i want to makes my parent proud of me later.
back to my brownie post, i just mix and match my daily outfits and make a something different of that. my outfits are not always expensive and new.  i often recycle something that can used again. that is important for me to reduce a waste and it also can makes me more creative and innovative :)