next weeks will be a last week for me in grade X , it cause next week i will attend in final exam in grade X. It's mean i will be up to the IX grade soon.  maybe i will glade,but it is not, it cause i will part some of my friend in X4 class. but now i want to trying to get a high score in all of subject on that final exam because i want to get a more good class in the next grade=)

back to this post, i wear a black white-stripe blazer that i got from my mom's cupboard. yes, that is my mom's blazer, but she seldom wear that blazer now. about that pink floral top i got that on LA boutique in a very very low price, it's only IDR 25 K . hehe and about that white-wedges i bought that in mall Bali galleria with a discount 30%.

black and white - stripe blazer, pink floral top , jeans hot pants, leather-belt,black sock, wedges



hi, i come back again with a new post. in this post i want to show my new mix and match outfits. that started from the unique skirt. my mom gave me her unique skirt ,she said that this skirt was her skirt when she was a teenager. absolutely i really really like this skirt since i saw it first. because i think this skirt is so limited now. the abstract pattern and the colour are good combination. about that tops actually that is a white-plain tops but i try to make something unique to that top so i just make a application to attaching a black ribbon and a little chain to that tops and taraaaa!! that's is my cute tops that i made by my self =D

cute ribbon tops, leather belt, unique abstract skirt


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"Murah Meriah"

Hello!!!!hoaalaaa, I come back again, almost about 2 month I had not posted something on my blog, because I attended of some activity in my school, some extra curricular and science course. That are so makes me exhausted but I like doing something that I like, I attended English club class, KSPAN (an organization teenage who care with drugs and HIV-AID) and color guard on marching band. From Monday until Saturday there are many activity on my school I have been attended, busy but yeah I like it.hehe :D .go back to my blog, now I want to present my new outfits.  

Taraaaaaa!!yeah, orange and blue,it’s a bright match blend colour,  I so so like it. The top I got from my one of my favorite boutique ,I got it in a low price ,yes.. it’s only 50k! at first I bought that top I had confused to think what skirt or pants that match for that top, and when I clean my cupboard I got my blue-elementary skirt and I got an idea to mix and match it with my orange top, and hoalaaa I get a new outfits that so cute, match , and colorful and I call it “Murah Meriah” hahaha

orange-pollkadot top, blue-elementary skirt, leather-belt  

About that magazine background I made it by my self, I try to recycle something that useless like magazine, news paper and something that can use again. I just cut some my trace magazine and patch it on a large manila paper and hoalaaa! Be a cute magazine background :D