Halooooooo,that's so a long long long time no post on my blog. in this first semester on grade eleven i got soooo many activities that must to do,i could not use my spare time to create a new post. and now its a holidayyyy!horaaay! okey lets forget that busy activities and back again to this blog:D in a middle my busy activities i and my friends build a online shop. We have build it on November ago and the owner of my online shop are me, nanet and dina (they are my partner). on our online shop we sell Indian accessories like dream catcher, hat, necklace, earrings,bracelet,headband and many others. 
On this new post i will show you some of our things that we sell ed on our online shop. enjoy!:)


The Owners (Dina, Nanet and Me^^)

the earrings

Dream Catcher Neklace
Dream Catcher


our beautiful model

That all my post about my online shop. you can also check our cute things on our twitter @LOLV happy shopping!<3

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