Well, I’m back writing on my blog, soooooo long time I haven’t wrote again it feels like a little bit strange for me and  i feel like being a bear that have awake from her hibernation-_- to continue the delayed-activities. I’ve been very busy with all my activities and it makes me couldn’t write on my blog. I want to write anything that had happen to me. In this long long long time I haven’t wrote on my blog, anything happened to me. Oke let me remembered them hmm first I want to tell about my lot of activities on my school. I have being the leader of school magazine and wall school magazine on my school. It made me get a little bit stressed because I have to organized our next edition school magazine and that was the first time for me being a leader. I don’t know why my senior *who be the leader on my journalism extracurricular on my school* choose me to be a leader-_- but as the time goes by I think we (me and my friends behind me) did it well. We always try and try to give the best magazine to my beloved school. Any problem happen when this magazine in process. The problems come from any side such as from the printing office, the increasing price of printing magazine, lower of cost producing, the sponsorship and many more. We have got stressed of that. But we could handle it. Now, our magazine have been in printing process so we haven’t publish it yet. But we wish our magazine in this new edition can be the best edition magazine ever on my school. Thank you for your great blessed Sang Hyang Widhi J. I’m not only busy in my school but also in my daily life too. I’ve joined at some course such as science and English course. I’ve done same activities everyday. School then attended in my extracurricular after that I’ve to go to my course. Huh really tired. But actually I like being busy!:)

That was my story about my life-education and how about my love life story? YES I GOT A “WONDERFULL SURPRISE” THAT MAKES ME BEING CRAZY in my sweet seventeen birthday party. YOU KNOW WHAT?ALL MY BELOVED BEST GAVE ME UNFORGETTABLE SURPRISE ON THAT DAY, WHO DID THEY COME WITH?THEY COME WITH THE-PERSON- WHO-OFTEN-MAKES-ME-CONFUSE. Yes he’s my first love. THE MYSTERIOUS AND STRANGE BOY I’VE EVER MET-_- . He came by bring a cake in his hand and sang “happy birthday song” to me. I got speechless. I couldn’t do anything.  That was the moment when my heartbeat and cold-hand are out of control. It was like seeing a ghost but he’s not a ghost, he’s like an angel for me. ehmm *sorry I’ve being over now . when the party was over, he gave me a gift . he was nervous too hihi :p he couldn’t say any word to me hahaha :p but he was really wonderful on that night, I like his style : simple but sure .he looked gorgeous! Actually, I want to explain about him more but I think I haven’t because he isn’t mine. So I haven’t exposed him more. Maybe someday I will *I wish:’) he’s not the only one who makes me being special girl. I have a lot of friend who always makes me happy in my teenage life. Especially my best friend ever! Saras, Devi and Lya thank you for all that you’ve gave to me girls I love youuuuu. You are who always beside me!! And also my crazy friends ever Mentari, Ria and Sari who always makes me laugh when they were in their joke with silly face:p hahaha love you too girls. 

Not only an  UNFORGETTABLE-MOMENT but also THE HAPPIEST-DAY ever for me on that day,but unlucky me.. i haven't some photo of that day 'cause that's some problem with the photos for me to post it :( 

Aaaandd,now i want to post about my new stuff. As a girl i really love flower, blooming skirt, some of my fashion items like pants' t-shirt or anything are blooming with flowers. Actually that is not really a skirt but that is a dress. yup, but i added my jacket on it so it look like a skirt. I've been falling in love in a first sight with my dress. i love pink and the blooming-flowers. it makes me seem more feminine and really fit with my age. I like it <3

studded-jeans jacket, blooming dress, boots, mom's bag

About my really cute studded-jeans jacket, i made it by my self. I just tried to added some application to my old jacket (that jacket I've wore since i was child) . By added some pyramid-studs on the top-part of my jacket and Taraaaaa now my old jacket look new again, hehe. For me fashion t is not only come from an expensive-thing. But that is about how being a creative :) 

Well that is my lovely boots. I created the design by my self . I drew it on a paper and i brought it to a shoe-maker and then he made it. My brownie boots, simple but sure 

perhaps i look cute in this photo with my silly face

 As always.. my photo aren't good. so hard to took some good pictures of me 'cause sometimes i took it by my self. when i have nothing to do, i tried to mix and match my fashion stuff and scraped my wardrobe.hahaha . then i took the photo of me with my fashion item. nobody helped me took it, in the afternoon there aren't somebody on my home it cause they (my parents and my sisters) still worked. but i really enjoy with my quality time :)

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